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Sunday, July 28, 2013

And today I have something "sweet" to show you.

Hello sweet friends,
As I promissed yesterday, I have a couple of things to share with you, even I have to admit, I haven´t got too much done here lately, but a little I have managed thoug. And as there has been a lot of the girls here the past weeks, it ofcause has been a lot on their grounds, also in what kind of work, I´ve been doing, as they ofcause also have had their say about that too ha ha ha.
So it ended with me starting tomake a CAndy Dispenser, we found in the Do Craft magazine. But unfortunately there were some parts missing and no explanation in the desription either, so I had to be a bit innovative, as we had cut it all out and begun to assemble it, so the first one didn´t get to be my best work ever, but as there were the 2 girls here at that time, we ofcause had to make one more, so they could both get one, and I thought, fine then I can be a bit ahead this time and make something more permanent that´ll work for these, and I also did, but then I was soo focusses on that, that I forgot something else, so had to improvise here again, but let´s see, if you can spot, what I messed up here he he he
But here´s the pictures of them at least. The red one was the first I made for Trine, and then I made Taschas which ofcause had to be blue colors LOL.

 And here´s also all the small teddybears, that I made the day, when we were making those. I think, it´ll end with Trine get these, as she just couldn´t make her fingers to work to get these right h, so she ended walking out on us that day. She has a little temper sometimes, when things don´t want to work her way ha ha ha.

I hope, you´ll like, what I´ve made and try and see, if you can´t find my bummer on the blue dispenser too and let me know then. ha ha ha
Have a wonderful sunday everyone and lots of great fun.
Here we should hit the heatrecords today, so now sure, I´ll get too much done then except from laying outside on the tersse he he he, and I hope, you´ll enjoy it just as much too.
have a lot of fun and a great time til we meet next time.
Biiiiiiiig warm hugs Maryann


Gitte said...

Hvor er de bare flotte.
Tusind tak for alle dine søde kommentarer på min blog. :-)

Lisa Rasmussen said...

De er godt nok flotte og smarte og et hvert barn eller voksen med en sød tand vil da elske at modtage sådan en fantastisk gave ;O)

marie said...

Theses are gorgeous Maryann and I'm afraid I can't find the fault ha ha I'm sure both the girls will love them :O)

Karina Beck said...

Super flot arbejde! Virkelig gennemført.
Tak fordi du også viser detaljebilleder.
God sommer.

Ardilla said...

What a lovely project!!!
The girls must be so happy...
Ardilla :)

I know why I don´t see you in my reader, I am not following you through GFC, instead yours is a google+ profile :(
I put your blog in my bloglovin, and there I can!!!

Shirley Lane said...

These are so pretty and again I have never seen anything like them. Love the little bears too.
Hugs Shirley