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Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally a little productivity from me.

Hi there dear friends,
The last time here has been sooo busy, so it haven´t been much, I´ve had time to create, I´m afraid, but a couple of things, I had to get done.
We were invited toSimones birthday here saturday, but as we first got the invite late Thursday night, I didn´t have much time to create a lot, and I was lucky enough to have a card , I could use for her, so instead I made her this little bag to put the money in, she had wished for, and she just loved it, so it was just perfect., so ofcause I hope, you´ll like it too?

 And here today in about an hour I´m going to my oldest granddaughters graduation from highschool, so I made her this card here. She has always been very fund of all my different fans, I have from different countries hanging in my craftroom, so I thought this fandie from Marianne dies would fit just perfect for her card, and then I´ve found some pictures of her self in different ages and added to the fantop here, just for the fun and to personalize it a bit too. The small tags inside is saying student, which in Danish means they´ve graduated from this level. The verse inside I must admit, I just can´t remember, where I´ve got, but it just fitted so perfect, I think. I hope, you´ll like this one too.

Tomorrow morning is the big day for my eye surgery, so you´ll probably not get much from me here the next couple of weeks, as I´ve been told not to spend too much time on either computer or TV the first couple of weeks, so I wount strain my eye too much, until it´s all healed up, so I better listen to what the doctor says this time , and do as I´m told, as I only have this one good eye he he he.
So I hope, you´ll all have a great time and lots of crafty fun until I´ll be back here again.
Have a great time everyone and take good care til we meet here again okay.
Biiiiig warm hugs to all of you Maryann


Bergitta said...

Rigtig flot

Vivi said...

Flotte ting du har lavet, og held og lykke med op....
Ha' en go' dag...
Hilsen Vivi

Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

Beautiful works, my friend!! I hope all goes well with your eye surgery and I'll be waiting to read about your next post when you are well and crafting again. :))

morkaren said...

Fine ting du har lavet, jeg har haft lidt svært ved at finde din blog, og jeg ved ikke rigtig hvordan jeg bliver "fast læser" men jeg vil krydse fingere for din øjenoperation i morgen, jeg skal også til øjenlægen i morgen. knus morkaren.
p,s, tak for alle dine søde kommentarer hos mig.

aussie aNNie said...

Hi my sweet friend, these are gorgeous creations...hope all goes well at surgery annie...[will email later date]

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Meget lækre ting!
Held og lykke med operationen ;O)

Inger said...

These are so beautiful Maryann!!
Hope all is well after the surgery.
Take care and have some relaxing and nice days!

♥ Big hug, Inger

Beth Norman said...

Love your work. The money holder is adorable. I like the saying. Your graduation card is terrific. It's nice how you found photos of her at different ages. Hope your surgery went well. Sending love and hugs.


Karina Beck said...

Super fine projekter!
God weekend.

Ardilla said...

Beautiful work!
I love specially the blue card, the image is gorgeous and so well colored...
Thanks for visiting me, here the weather is warm, but for now I am not going to the beach, hope to go next week to a lake that is not far and make some barbaque and swim a lot!!!
Many hugs,
Ardilla :)