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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some more of my "older" creations here again.

Hello again dear friends,
Sorry I´m a bit slow to get all this uploadet, but I´ve been sooo ahead of things for quite a while now, so there´s quite a bit to catch up on, but I promisse, I´ll try and see, if I can´t get all these old pictures uploaded here in the following days now, so we can get all up to date on my work
Thanks so much to all the many wonderful friends, who has been here already and left such sweet comments or sent me e-mails. It´s really awesome to find soo many of you here again, and I´ve been so pleased, every time, I´ve seen a familiar name here again. Now I just hope, that all my old friends will find me hereagain, so we can all get all catched up.
But here´s a load more of older photos  back from December. I´m not sure, if I have shown some of them, but now I take them all here, as there´s sooo much different kind of work.

Hm once again the system here is turning them all around for some reason. I don´t know why it does that, but never mind with these, as you can see, what it is.
I´ll see if I can´t get the last from the old year finished here today and maybe even a few from this year too.
Thanks so much for watching here and I would apreciate it very much, if you would leave me a comment, what you think of it, and please feel free to ask any questions, if you want to know more about any of it.
Have a wonderful day dear friends and lots of fun.


aussie aNNie said...

Finally got to see your lovely creations again and wow you have gone to the limits here....You know I have always admired your work and now I hope the world will see it as n hugs, annie xxxxxxxxx ☺

marie said...

Lovely to see all these again Maryann glad you posted some of the gorgeous work that you have made. Keep up the good work hun.

Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

It's wonderful to see your awesome work again, my friend, and I'll be looking forward to catching up on what you have been busy with this year now!!!!