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Monday, August 11, 2014

Creative Blog Hop.

Hi there sweet friends,
Today I´m participating in a Creative Blog Hop, that I was invited to join from my Canadian blogfriend Beth Norman from Sunflowers & Dragonflies, who so sweetly invited me as one of her 3 friends to continue this hop here. She introduced me last monday August 4th here, so you can go there and see, what she had to say about me too. And while you´re there, please have a look around her blog and see some of her amazing work too, I promisse you, it´s worth it.
Grab a nice cup of coffee or tea, cause this is going to be a very long post.
This blog hop is a great chance for YOU to get to know a bit more about me, and be introduced to a lot of artistic and creative work of any kind from different creative people too. The hop goes on every monday, and today it´s my turn to answer a few questions here.
But first let me tell you a bit about Beth. She´s actually been a very dear friend, and we´ve been following each others blogs for many years now soon. She´s a very talented girl, Mostly a rubber stamper and designer, and she´s been designing for The Technique Junkie Newslwetter for years, and have made tutorials for them the last many years, and she has over 150 tutorials on her blog too, that she sooo sweetly shares with everyone there. And she actualy is a lot to blame for, that I in the first time got into making tutorials too, as she kept telling me, I could do it, when I didn´t think so myself, so thanks a lot for that Beth, and also a big thanks for the invite to join the hop here, I hope, we´ll still be friends, when we can´t even chew butter anymore ha ha.

What am I working on right now?
I´m actually not working on anything right now, as I´ve just had kids here the last 3 weeks and until late saturday night, when they all went home to start school here today
 So this bunch here has been invading my craftroom the last weeks here, and believe me, there´s no time for my things, when they´re around here, as they all want to create all they can get away with.
 Here they´re busy with modelling clay
 And some also made cards.

 Painted and decorated boxes
 Made big clothespins
A nice buquet Trine came and gave Gran when they left.
So I admit, I haven´t got much else done than the card I showed the other day in my last entry here. But as soon as I get all catched up here after the summer invasion, I´ve getting on with invites and tablesettings for my new grandsons baptism here later this year, so there´s lots of work waiting for me thoug.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
That is really hard for me to answer, cause I´m not even sure, I have a genre at all?? I like to try out everything I ever see, and I´m really doing all kinds of craftings, and like to move around between many different things. I´m a true die addict, and I love to stamp and alter all kinds of different things, and I really love to make something out of things everybody else would throw out, and I like to work with felt and tubeknitting, and then I love to create 3D things too and homedecors, but I like to keep a lot of it a bit Shabbyvintage as I use to call it. But if it can be called a certain style, I´m not really sure ha ha ha. So I´ll just show some pictures of different things, that I´ve made over the years.

 All these above here are different cards.
 A bunch of mall notebooks I made for friends one year.
 A recycled card, where I used some small corkpads, that were sitting between some new windows, we got.
 Ninialbum made from coffeefilters
 A suitcase made all from cardstock

 Above 3D projects made for various occasions
 A clock made from old defect CD´s

 A minialbum sawed out of plywood and decorated
 A recycled bisquitcan
 A parchment card
 Mice made from felt for another baptism
 My own home made embellisments used here
 My fist attempt ever on pencilcoloring
 Tubeknitting made for christmas
 Inchie walldecor  A great way to get all these left over pieces of embellisments used, that we always get, cause here you can use anything you like.
 A little princess wagon made for my granddaughter years ago

 All the weddingdecor from my daughters wedding
 Small elves made of tubeknitting and the small furnitures made of wood
 A basket made of cardstock and paper
And finally some pretty big elves sewn out of fabric.

So as you can see, it´s ranging pretty wide, what I´m doing here, and I like to change among many things.

Why do I write/create what I do?
Hmmm it´s really some tuff questions I get here, why? I guess because I have to, because it gives me a huge satisfaction, when I´ve finished a project, and can look at it and think, I made this. And then it keeps me in sane after I unfortunately had to be retired after I broke my back 10 years ago. Even I had several big surgeries, they couldn´t make it work again, and as I wasn´t ready to just sit down and feel sorry for myself, I thought it could as well be a chance for me to do much more of what I´d always done, but never had enough time for, so here I am today, creating almost every day in some kind.

How does your writing/creative process work?(where do I get my inspiration)
I get my inspiration abasolutely everywhere. It can be a picture I see, or something some one says, or a piece of beautiful paper or somthing I see on TV, that suddenly puts an idea in my head, or the internet, other crafters blogs, a situation I face, some new products, that´s getting out, that makes me think of something. So it really can come from anything, as I said absolutely everywhere around us, we just need to open our eyes and ears, and it´ll flow against us everywhere. My biggest problem today is, to find time to bring all my ideas out in the open, because I always have soooo many ideas running in my head.

Now I was supposed to introduce you to 3 new bloggers for next monday, BUT I must unfortunately say, that it has been completely impossible for me to get 3 as it seems many of my blogger friends have already been asked by others, and some didn´t have the time to join and one unfortunately got sick , so I must admit, I can only introduce you to one new blogger, but it´s then not just any blogger, but a really fabulous lady, so I´ll like you to welcome:
 Kirsten Hyde from My craft and Garden Tale .
She´s one of the most amazing ladies, I´ve ever met, and she´s been a huge inspiration to me for many years now, and I really admire her stunning work, and her always sweet and kind personality. Always ready to help, if anyone need that and sharing her godgiven talent in making her own amazing templates for all kind of things always. So I can definitely recommend to give her blog a vist, that´s for sure. I know, you wount regret that.
Well like I said first, it has been a long post here today, but I hope, you´ve enjoyed it, and will give the other girls a visit too, as they really deserve it, and as always if any of you have any questions, just ask, and I´ll be happy to answer anything, and sorry to my Danish friends, that this is only in English, but it had to be kept this way, so most possible could read it and it was a bit much to write doubbled.
Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of crafty fun, I hope.
Until we meet again take good care.
Biig hugs Maryann


Karina Beck said...

Hvor er det nogle flotte ting, du har lavet! Og du har været vildt flittig.
Og dejligt med store børnebørn, så er der mulighed for at lave mange spændende ting, kan jeg se.

Diane Schultz said...

Congratulations on being invited to do the blog hop. All your projects are just awesome. No wonder you were invited!! Enjoyed reading all about you, your family and seeing all your projects. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Take care and crafty hugs!!!

Dortesjs said...
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Bodil said...

Så gøy å se at du har lagd så mye forskjellig. du er virkelig ei kreativ dame :) Føler at vi har noe felles der, kanskje det er fra mine ukjente Danske aner, hahaha :)
Ha en finfin og kreativ uke, klem :)

Camilla said...

Hold fast hvor er du kreativ. Der er godt nok mange vidt forskellige og flotte ting du har lavet. Tak for kigget :)

marie said...

He He I've been lucky enough to receive some of these things, or some like it, they are truly beautiful. Great blog Maryann seeing all your beautiful work again and the kids are all doing great work too! have a beaut day warm hugs

Stamping With Bibiana said...

hello my dear friend...I had it in my calendar to come on Monday...but I got caught up with thing,,sorry!!! but I am here a day later...what a great post!!! I love to see your family, all the girls are so darling 5 girls and a boy? is that your daughter? I am sorry to hear about your back!!! Yikes! as for your cards they are all magnificent...I think you are definitely a 3D artist, wow all those projects!!! love many of them hard to choose one...
and I know Beth too she is great but I have not being able to comment on her blog...something is wrong either at my end or hers...I have written like 5 and they are not getting through...
I will visit your new friend...and yes it is hard to find 3 people specially during summer vacation...
once more great post, big hugs from California bye

Stamping With Bibiana said...

Oh! I forgot... I have as button at my blog you can grab it for the Hop, if you want to displayed it in your blog! Darnell made it, the lady that I invited to my hop...mine was on july 28th..

Tara Brown said...

Lovely projects Marianne! I'm glad to find your blog. I wanted to return the kindness you have shown to me by letting you know how much I enjoy seeing YOUR creations! :) I will look forward to exploring all the gorgeous crafts you have made on your blog. Take care! Tara

Desire Fourie said...

Maryann it was wonderful to have a little peek into your craft home area and to be spoilt with so many of your beautiful creations. Just adore the clothes pegs the girls made. Thanks for sharing with us.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Beth Norman said...

It was nice to read your blog and get to know more about you Maryann. I am so sorry for your back problems. I think you have a genre of your own--very detailed and intricate work. Beautiful work darling.

Inger said...

Wowww så sjov å se alt det flotte og forskjellige du har laget Maryann! :)
Ha en god og kreativ ny uke.
♥ Inger

Lori said...

Enjoyed your post - darling pics with the kids and wonderful creations!

Stinne said...

Så hyggeligt at læse så meget om dig og din måde at gribe din kreativitet an på. Du har virkelig mange talenter, og har lavet mange forskellige smukke ting i tidens løb...

Nu vil jeg tjekke din venindes blog, mens jeg drikker en cola light....

Knus og god lørdag

Cathy Lee said...

Congrats, Maryann.

Margy (DS4J) said...

How nice to meet you and find out something about your crafting. Love all the items you displayed!

Pia said...

wow så flotte projekter.papir fra Craft & You design kan du få hos leg og Hobby men Jop Hobby i Fredensborg har alle serierne
God weekend

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Hey Maryann

I popped over today just to say hi and was thrilled to see that you had also participated in this creative blog hop. It was wonderful getting to learn a little bit more about you. I completely agree that inspiration can be found in the littlest of things around us and we just have to open up our senses to find it.

Looks like you've been busy this summer with family and haven't had much time for crafting. Hopefully you'll get a chance to start putting your creative ideas together again soon.

Take care and know I've been thinking of you.

Lisa D.

Dortesjs said...

super flotte kort du har fået og hvis jeg har glemt det så forsinket tillykke til dig. knus

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