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Friday, May 31, 2013

A little of the work, I´ve done, while I´ve been out of blogging.

As many of you know, I had a blog on Multiply earlier, where I used to share my work, but as it was suddenly closed down, it´s been a while now, since I´ve shared any of my work.
I´m not going to re-upload all I´ve shared inthere the last 8 years, but I´ll try and see, if I can´t get all uploaded from the last about ½ year, where things began to go wrong inthere. And if there´s then something specific any of you want to see, then leave me a comment, and I´ll see if I can´t find it again and upload it here then. But else I´ll start with a couple of things I made for my granddaughters birthday in November, as it´s become quite a habit, that the girls always gets something special, I haven´t made before LOL.
But here comes some of the different pictures with no further notes on, but if you want to know anything, please feel free to ask anything you like about my work okay.

These are all what I made for my granddaughters birthday, and then I have some things, I made for a Baptism just before chrstmas too. Here they come:
 This was supposed to come last, as it was a hostessgift, I made for one of my husbonds co-workers, where we were invited at some time for christmas.

 This is a Never ending Card, that I made for the baptism, and the pictures are showing the pages, as we turned them around, and next turn then put it back to the front again.

Hmmmmm not quite sure why it didn´t come up here in the right numbers, but the last 2 were supposed to come right after the first picture, but I´m unfortunately not too well into this yet, so please bare with me for a while, until I get it all learned LOL.
I hope, you´ll like what you see, and I´ll apreciate any comment, that can help me improve my work too.
Have a wonderful day, and I´ll soon be back with more work to show here.
Till we meet again Biiiiiiiiiig hugs.


Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

What a joy to read, and see, your crafting again, my friend!! Love all of the works you have on this post and I'm always looking forward to your next post. :))

Diane Schultz said...

Well you sure have been busy creating all these beautiful projects. I love them all and what a fantastic job creating them. Glad to see you now have a blog and you are doing just fine with adding your posts and pictures. It's always a joy to see what you create. Thanks for sharing all your projects and being a wonderful inspiration!!
Crafty hugs, Diane

Joyse Interiano said...

HEY!! nice to hear from you, thank you for let us know about your blog!!! big hugs!

Annette/aka said...

Tillykke med din blog. Jeg har jo mødt dit navn allevegne rundt på div. danske blogge, og nu fandt jeg dig....
Det er rigtig fine ting du viser her, og du spænder vidt i din stil, kan jeg se.
Jeg KAN fint læse engelsk, men for mig er det betydeligt hurtigere at læse på dansk.
Da jeg kan se at du har mange engelske venner er det fint at du skriver på engelsk - og har Google Translate på.
MEN: Hvis du vil have meget kontakt og besøg gennem Scrapsisters, så synes jeg, du skal vælge at skrive på begge sprog. Evt. som lam gør.
Det var bare min mening - nu du selv spørger i dit første indlæg.
Hilsen og god weekend fra Annette/aka

Dagmar said...

you have been so busy. love this blog.

Елена Степанова said...

очень красивые работы, столько тепла и любви в них!!! )))

Claire Langan said...

Gorgeous works... All done with pure love!

Anonymous said...

How great to see you again, Maryann! hugs
Magda (mada2006 from multiply)

aussie aNNie said...

Awesome my friend, but then you are an awesome crafter...luv anniexxx

marie said...

Love all of these hun but particulay the gorgeous blue box need a tutorial on that one as I'd love to make one hun Have a great day warm hugs Marie