My Craftbarn

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It´s not much, but I have managed to use a few scrap pieces here the last couple of days.

Once again my crazy house here has been turned upside down, as there again the last couple of days were 2 kids, who needed a place to stay while the parents were at work, so there hasn´t been much time for my project then, as they ofcause as usual wants to do lots of things, while they´re here, which ofcause is pretty awesome, but I admit, it has been a bit much this summer, but now they´re all going back to school again in 1½ week, and then I can hopefully get my house back to my "normal" crazyness here ha ha ha.
So as I said, not much time for any big projects here, but instead I pulled out all I had of scraps of simply all kinds. Cardstock, paper, ribbon, embellisments and whatever I had of small leftovers of any kind, and from that I made all these small chocolatcovers, that will be used as small hostessgifts or just a little something for someone now and then, as I need them. I actually think, they turned out pretty okay, even they´re just made from all scraps of any kind, so if there´s something, that doesn´t fit 100% perfect, you know why now.
But here they are, so see what you think for yourself:

 Here first a picture of all of them together, and then the next pictures are of them 3 at a time from first one side and then the other side.

 Here you can see them from the end, how simple they really are made.
 They´re made just to fit 2 of these small Ritter Sport chokolates, so there´ll be just to enjoy for a cup of coffee.

It´s not the biggest creation, but quite useful anyway and I think, it was a good way to get some of all the leftovers used, that we all always get loads of, and it was really small pieces, that got used here, and I always feels good, when I can use even the smallest pieces.
I hope, you like them and if you would like to know more about, how I made these, just yell okay.
Thanks sooo much for all the sweet comments, I´ve got on the previous entries here, it means the worlkd to me, that you all like, what I have to share. And I hope, you´re all having a great time and lots of fun.
Til we meet again next time, have a wonderful day everyone.
Biiiiiiiiiiiig hugs Maryann

Sunday, July 28, 2013

And today I have something "sweet" to show you.

Hello sweet friends,
As I promissed yesterday, I have a couple of things to share with you, even I have to admit, I haven´t got too much done here lately, but a little I have managed thoug. And as there has been a lot of the girls here the past weeks, it ofcause has been a lot on their grounds, also in what kind of work, I´ve been doing, as they ofcause also have had their say about that too ha ha ha.
So it ended with me starting tomake a CAndy Dispenser, we found in the Do Craft magazine. But unfortunately there were some parts missing and no explanation in the desription either, so I had to be a bit innovative, as we had cut it all out and begun to assemble it, so the first one didn´t get to be my best work ever, but as there were the 2 girls here at that time, we ofcause had to make one more, so they could both get one, and I thought, fine then I can be a bit ahead this time and make something more permanent that´ll work for these, and I also did, but then I was soo focusses on that, that I forgot something else, so had to improvise here again, but let´s see, if you can spot, what I messed up here he he he
But here´s the pictures of them at least. The red one was the first I made for Trine, and then I made Taschas which ofcause had to be blue colors LOL.

 And here´s also all the small teddybears, that I made the day, when we were making those. I think, it´ll end with Trine get these, as she just couldn´t make her fingers to work to get these right h, so she ended walking out on us that day. She has a little temper sometimes, when things don´t want to work her way ha ha ha.

I hope, you´ll like, what I´ve made and try and see, if you can´t find my bummer on the blue dispenser too and let me know then. ha ha ha
Have a wonderful sunday everyone and lots of great fun.
Here we should hit the heatrecords today, so now sure, I´ll get too much done then except from laying outside on the tersse he he he, and I hope, you´ll enjoy it just as much too.
have a lot of fun and a great time til we meet next time.
Biiiiiiiig warm hugs Maryann

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some pictures from all my girls time here the last weeks.

Sorry dear friends, I know, I´ve been a bit slow here lately, but it has been quite a busy time here after the surgery, as it´s vacationtime here in Denmark now, and as usual I´ve ha lots of the girls staying here until their parents could get their vacation too. So there has been  between 1 and 4 girls here all the time for almost the last 3 weeks, and this last week, I admit, I haven´t been worth much after this, and haven´t done much else but cleaning out after these busy weeks and then finished some different things, I had going on already.
But as usual the girls were so busy, while they were here, and ofcause we also had to do some other things with them, while they stayed here, so here´s all the pics from their times here. I warn you folks, it´s a picture heavy entry.

 Tascha and Simone were really busy building a small house and a stable with all to go with a couple of horses LOL.
 Really busy

 And finally we can begin to see, where this goes.
 Their barn and a field with grass and their horses in the barn ha ha ha
 And all the paperdolls to go with it too
 And ofcause they needed a wagon for the horses too.
 And a nice house, where they could relax with TV and everything too.
 Tascha all busy.
 And Simone very busy too.
 But there was timne for a big smile too thoug.
 And here´s Emilie, when she came by too
 She wanted to make a jewelrybox for her sister, while she was here, so the next pictures shows, what she managed to get done too and all on her own. She ponly had a tinybit of help to find out, how to make the divider inside.

 She found all the images herself and also colored them and cut them all out as she wanted them to be.
 Shealso made a small minialbum too.
 And one day, I was teaching them to make tiny bears from Pipecleaners, and here´s all Emilie got done in one afternoon LOL.
 I challenged her to make some clothes for them too, and here´s the one she actually did put clothes on ha ha ha
 Tascha made a princesscrown, we found online somewhere, she printed out and cut and put together herself too.
 Then one day we all went to a place not very far from us, whixh is called The Worldmap.
It´s made by an old man with his bare hands a showel and a wheelbarrow.
It´s taken him over 20 years to make it out to a small lake, and it´s a cpomplete map made in the ground over the entire world, and there´s pput flags on every single country in the world here.
The poictures is taken up from a tower, they´ve build now, so you can get up and have a good wiev out over it all, and it´s actually quite an amazing sight, and just to think about, how much work, he´s put into making this back then and all just for fun, but now a days, they have about 500.000 visitors every year, and I´m sure, you can see why from the pictures. People find it really fun, that they here can jump from country to country and visit every country in the world in just one afternoon LOL.
I would love to know, what you think about it too??

 And here´s Tascha, Trine and Emilie, who was here on that day.

 And they were also able to take a boatride over the Pacific Ocean too, and ofcause they had to try that.
They wanted to show of a bit and wave with the ores, but Trine didn´t think all about, where she kept it then ha ha ha
It was a huge expirience for all the girls too, and a good way to teach them a bit og Geography.
We also went to visit the huge Saltcenter here, where we have a swimmingpool with water like in the Dead Sea, but unfortunately I have to admit, I completely forgot my camera that day, which the older girls were a bit grumpy about, as they really wanted to show, how easy it is to float in water with that high saltkoncentration. But they all had a great time and enjoyed it, while they were here, and that´s what matters.
I hope, you´ll enjoy to see the pics here and all the girls work, while they stayed here. I promisse I´ll share my own work probably tomorrow, but it´s getting late here now, and I´m pretty tired, so it´ll have to wait til tomorrow.
Have a wonderful week-end sweet friends and lots of great fun I hope.
Take good care til next time we meet here.
Biiiiiiiiiig warm hugs Maryann