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Thursday, July 11, 2013

And now the prize for the kids challenge finally arrived.

As I showed you a little while ago, some of my grandkids joined Mo´s childrens challenge, and also was soo lucky to get a littl surprise from her too with a sweet personal letter for them, and it finally arrived here a few days ago, and we ofcause had all the kids gathered here again to open the packet. They were sooo exited to see, what they´d got, but not even I had seen it before they opened it, so here´s the pics from the night, when they got to open it here.

 They were very exited and didn´t totally agree, who was the one to open it, so we had them to do their best to all do it the same time, even it was a bit hard ha ha ha

 Inside was sonwe really cute small notebooks with a very special pen with them too, and nice  shared with one for a boy and 3 for the girls, and all different, so that thanks god couldn´t give any other problems then, as I just gave them one each and that was it ha ha ha, but they didn´t think much about that either, I´m sure, as they were just too exioted to actually have got something for their work.

There was also a nice letter in the packet for them, so they had some real proof, even after the book was used up ha ha ha. It was definitely 4 very very proud kids, who went home with their small prizes that night, that´s for sure.
Thanks sooo much for watching and have a wonderful night everyone.


marie said...

Well done kids and well done Mo. Wonderful of her to send all the children a prize and a nice letter so nice of her to take the time. Congratulation to all you kids we keep telling you your work is great and here is the proof :O) Keep up the good work and always have fun :O)

Pat said...

Hi Maryann! I'm so glad the parcel arrived...and that your grandkiddos were happy. Thanks for posting their photos...they are so precious!! Their smiling faces definitely made my day! Hugs. Pat Frank

Jen said...

Wow!!! Good for them!! Hugs, Jen