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Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally a little productivity from me.

Hi there dear friends,
The last time here has been sooo busy, so it haven´t been much, I´ve had time to create, I´m afraid, but a couple of things, I had to get done.
We were invited toSimones birthday here saturday, but as we first got the invite late Thursday night, I didn´t have much time to create a lot, and I was lucky enough to have a card , I could use for her, so instead I made her this little bag to put the money in, she had wished for, and she just loved it, so it was just perfect., so ofcause I hope, you´ll like it too?

 And here today in about an hour I´m going to my oldest granddaughters graduation from highschool, so I made her this card here. She has always been very fund of all my different fans, I have from different countries hanging in my craftroom, so I thought this fandie from Marianne dies would fit just perfect for her card, and then I´ve found some pictures of her self in different ages and added to the fantop here, just for the fun and to personalize it a bit too. The small tags inside is saying student, which in Danish means they´ve graduated from this level. The verse inside I must admit, I just can´t remember, where I´ve got, but it just fitted so perfect, I think. I hope, you´ll like this one too.

Tomorrow morning is the big day for my eye surgery, so you´ll probably not get much from me here the next couple of weeks, as I´ve been told not to spend too much time on either computer or TV the first couple of weeks, so I wount strain my eye too much, until it´s all healed up, so I better listen to what the doctor says this time , and do as I´m told, as I only have this one good eye he he he.
So I hope, you´ll all have a great time and lots of crafty fun until I´ll be back here again.
Have a great time everyone and take good care til we meet here again okay.
Biiiiig warm hugs to all of you Maryann

Friday, June 14, 2013

No work today, but only an update.

Hi dear friends,
Just wanted to give you a little update on my appointment with the eyesurgeon here the other day, now that I can finally see a bit more clear again LOL.
He totally agreed, that it was time to have the cataract removed, and he sat the date toget it done already here in almost 2 weeks on June 25th at 8Am in the morning. So it´s soon, and then I´ll have to take a short break from too much computertime the first couple of weeks he said, but that´s just fine, if it means I can get my old vision back again so I can get back to do a lot more of what I love to do too.
It was okay to begin to do things and also watch TV and computer a little in a couple of days, as long as it was just shortly a time, so we´ll just see how well everything will work out then, but don´t worry, I´ll soon be back here again full time.
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments from all of you both to me but not least to all my granadkids here. They´ve been sooooooo overwhelmed and proud of all the wonderful comments they´ve got, so thanks so much for making this such a great expirience to them too.
Have a wonderful week-end everyone and lots of crafting fun til next tiome.
Biiiiig hugs Maryann

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The grandkids are trying to outdo me, and joining a challenge.

Hello there dear friends,
First I want to thank all of you for all the wonderful and sweet xcomment here about my work the last days. It really means a lot to me, that you like, what I´m creating, and I always love to hear, what you think of it.
Today I don´t have one of my cards to share with you, but my grandkids has been very busy here the last couple of days.
As some maybe knows, Mo´s Digital Pencil have a challenge for kids of all ages this week, and I knew right away, that the girls would be thrilled, as especially Tascha has been complaaining more times, why it was always only the adults, who could join to win something, so ofcause I had to tell her, that now was the chance. So not only her and her læittle sister Trione ofcause wanted to join, but also my sons girlfriends kids wanted to try their luck, so all 4 kids came here yesterday and went very busy right away creating cards with Mo´s images. Unfortunately Simone and Anders couldn´t be here today, so they had to rush a bit yesterday to finish theirs, and I admit, I totally forgot to take any pics yesterday, so I don´t have any of them being busy bee´s, but Tascha and Trine stayed here today too, so they had time to put some more effort into theirs, and I admit, I´m really proud of, what the kids achieved, that´s for sure. Especially as they´re not that old yet, but they really love to play here in my craftroom, which I´m sure, you can all see from these picstures:
 Here´s Tascha very busy making all the last details on her card and checking she had enough bling on it LOL.
 And here´s Trine already writing in her card, which ofcause had to go home for mum and dad.
 And here´s both of them soo busy, that they didn´t even notice, I took the picture ha ha.
 And here´s Tascha´s card. She´s just 9, so I´m really impressed, how much she thought of the smallest details here. I think, she´s been looking quite a bit over my shoulders, when I´ve been working here ha ha.
 And this is Trines card, she´s only 6, and even she haven´t quite got as much sense of the tiniest details yet, I really think, she did an awesome job on this one, but it also took her several hours to make ha ha ha.
 This is Simones card, she´s also only 9, and did an awesome jobb, thinking of, she only had a few hours to make hers, so she did an awesome job here too, I think.
And here we finally have Anders´s card, he´s only 7. I admit, I was a little surprised, when he announced, he ewanted to make one too, as he´s a boy and have never shown any interst for these things before, but ofcause he should join too, when he wanted to, and thinking about, this is his first card ever, he certainly did an amazing job too, and I´m really proud of all of them, that´s for sure.
They all enter their cards in Mo´s challenge here:
And ofcause all them hope, they´ll be the lucky winners of the awesome childrens book, that Mo has put up for the first winner, but now we´ll have to see. I ofcause had to tell them, that only one can win the main prize, and we can´t know, who they´ll pick.
Thanks soo much for watching here, and I know the kids is very exited to hear, what you all think of their work, so we´ll all apreciate very much, if you´ll take the time to leave them a comment here.
I wount be here the next couple of days, as it´s tomorrow, I have my appointment with the eyesurgeon at the hospital, and they´ll put something in my eyes, so I wouldn´t be able to see anything the next 24 hours, they said, but never mind that, if they´ll just decide to fix that stupid cataract now, so my vision can get back to normal again.
Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of fun, til next time.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The last work here from me up til now.

Okay here´s finally the last work, that I´ve been working on here in June, so now I´m finally up to date with what I´ve been creating this year, but still, if there´s other things, you´ll like to see, just let me know, then I can find the old pictures again to show you.
But here´s the last few cards from me for now.

All these cards are made primarly with things from my scrapboks, so I have absolutely no idea about what kind of paper I´ve used for these, ans everything else is also things I´ve found in my stash. As you can see, I have a great love for dies and diecutting, and I just love to play with them and put them up in as many different ways, as I can come up with. I also just absolutely love lace, ribbon and bling, which you can probably also soon see on most of my work.
I hope, you like, what I´ve been doing, and if you want any further explanation to how any of my work has been made, then please just ask all you like, and I´ll be more than happy to answer.
I´ll love if you´ll leave me a comment and let me know, what you think of my creations here, and from now on, I´ll try and upload my work, as I´m finishing it, so I can have in fresh memory, what I´ve used and where from. Have a great day and lots of crafty fun til next time.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

And we´ve reached the work here from May now.

And now we´ve got to the work, that I´ve been making around May here. It has been mostly cards, that I was making for a big competition that were set up by Marianne Design in an Australian webstore, but it was open for worldwide entries, so I made 4 entries, just to find out, we were only allowed to enter 2 LOL, so I had to chose just 2 to enter, but here´s all 4 of them thoug, and I´ve also been making a few of those cute tealightholders out of empty toiletrolls. I´ve always been a fan of everything, that I can create by reusing things, we would else normally throw away. And as such I´ve also made my own glass cuttingmat here, as you can see too. I was reading a lot about, they should be soo much better than the selfhealing mats and would save the knifeblades a lot too, so I had been looking around to see, where they could be found and how expensive they were. I also found a couple different ones, but they were pretty  expensive, and then I would even have to order them abroad, and to that price would also come a pretty high postage, because it ofcause, as it was glass weighed quite a bit, and as such was pretty expensive to get shipped here. So I was still thinking forth and back, if it was worth it, when hubby suddenly said, but can´t you use one of the glass shelves from our old fridge, which had gone dead last year. And ofcause I went out to see, and yes quite right, we still had a couple of these shelves standing out in the outbuilding, so out to get one, and yes it was made of safetyglass, that can´t brake, and it even had a fancy plasticedge on it, that fits perfect for the arm to rest on, when I´m cutting. It got out, and was nicely cleaned, and then I found the last of a selfadhesive measurementtape, I had found in the US last year for 2 $. I had already used a part of it to set on the edge of my cuttingtable, and now I was able to use some more of it to cut up and put on all sides of this plate here. And yes it´s right, this cuttingmat is really the best I´ve ever had to cut on, and it haven´t even cost me 2$ to make, as it´s all made of stuff, that would probably have been thrown out, if  we hadn´t got this idea, but now it´s all used to the last bit, which is sooo cool.
But here´s the next pictures, and I hope, you´ll like, what I´ve done here.

 This is the cuttingplate I made from the old shelve from the fridge.

And next here is the different small giftboxes I´ve made from those old toiletrolls. They fit just perfectly for some of these fine tealights to go inside for a hostesgift, or you can ofcause also fill them with other things as you like.

 Next here are 2 ordinary cards made for a couple of birthdays around here, nothing fancy or special about them.

 And then here comes those 4 cards, I made for that Marianne design competition, but unfortunately none of them were picked as winners thoug, but I´m still pretty satisfied with them anyway thoug. Ofcause they could probably have ben better, but they could also been a lot worser thoug ha ha ha

 And here´s a couple of small bags, that I made for the girls and decorated with a very special stampimage, that a very sweet girl, Anna here from had made for Tascha for her birthday, and even called the image for Tascha, so she was sooo proud, she had big tears in her eyes, when she saw it. Anna is a very special girl, who´s drawing the most awesome digistamps and give a lot away for free on her blog very often, so you should go and give her a visit, and see all her wonderful work there.
But she made this as I said and sent for tascha the day before her birthday, so we managed to make a few things with it the first day with the girls themself, and then I made these in the week-end after, when they came here to spend the week-end.

This was the last, you´re gtting tonight here, as it´s getting late here now, and then there´s only one load left til tomorrow, and then I´ve uploaded everything up til now, wxcept from all my old and newer tutorials, that I ofcause are going to upload here again at some time, but not quite sure, if I´ll get that done before the eyesurgery thoug, but now we´ll see, how far I´ll get before then.
I hope, you´ll enjoy all these and as always leave me a comment and let me know, what you think of everything.
Have a wonderful day dear friends and lots of fun till next time.
Biiiiiiiig warm hugs Maryann