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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A little more work back from April.

Hello there dear friends,
Here´s a bit more of my older work here all back from April. The first ones are my granddaughters birthdaycard. She and her little sister have is always been asking for something speciel, that can "do something" as they say. It all started a few years back and has has become a little of a competition almost, as they ofcause can´t have something, that they´ve already got before, and if the one of them got something exiting, then the next one ofcause have to be nothing less and rather a bit more fancy LOL.
This time Tascha had asked for a card, that could "do something", as she was still a bit jealous on her sister, who got a Never Ending Card the year before. If you remember Trines last birthday here it was a desk and a birthdaycake with candles, so I had to think of something for Tascha and came up with this Magic Card, that could move the inserts around, depending on how she opened it, but here it comes and followed by some more cards and stuff, I´d made during April.

 Notice the Princess wagon here, it´s made with a diescut of one of the new Spellbinders D-lites birdcages.

 This is all the oictures of all the different ways her Magic Card can be seen, so she was really proud, she got this, and it had all she could wish for with Princess stuff, which she had also wished for.
 And here´s the birthdaygirl with a very special cake, she had made completely herself. Can you tell how proud she is? ha ha

 This is another giftbag, that I made a little while ago. They were very popular here, and the first couple, I didn´t even get a picture of, before it was already gone.

 And this is all the elements, that went into this pocketcard here, that I think, turned out pretty okay too.

 And then we were ofcause also making some different things for Easter with the all the kids here, but they have ofcause taken all theirs home long ago now, and I had only these two left for me ha ha ha, but at least you can see a bit about, what we were creating this year.

And these are some small wallhangers, that you can decorate with whatever you like, like flowers or a small doll or maybe even fill with chocolates for a hostessgift or whatever you fancy.
It´s not the most I´ve ever done, but at least I´ve been doing a bit thoug.
I hope, you like, what I´ve been showing you here, and as always I´ll apreciate it, if you´ll leave me a comment and let me know, what you think.
Have a great week-end everyone and lots of fun till next time.


Diane Schultz said...

All your projects are just fantastic, MaryAnn!! I love the magic card the best! Are there instructions somewhere to make this type of card? Thanks for sharing these beautiful projects.
Crafty hugs, Diane

marie said...

Lovely to see Trine here I'm sure she was proud and looks like she did a wonderful job with the cake.Love all your projects here especially the chicken on ski's lol thought that was really something different bet the kids loved that at easter. Great work as always Maryann warm hugs Marie

Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

I am so enjoying seeing all your fantastic work again, Maryann!! I love seeing the photos of the family again too!!