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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Today I´ve finished some boxes.

Hello there sweet friends,
First I want to thank you all for all the sweet and wonderful comments and emails I´ve recieved here after my eyesurgery. Thanks god it´s going really well, even I ofcause still have to take some precautions all the time and not overdo anything, even that is really hard, cause there´s sooo much I want to do now, that I can finally see everything clearly again, but better behave and do as I´m told he he.
But I´ve had a lot of fun creating some awesome boxes here the last couple of days. The first one I began to make a very very loooooooong time ago. It´s an origamibox, that I found on a You Tube video back then, (sorry I don´t remember where anymore) but never finished it, because these eyes played me big time, but now I finished it and got it glued up and made a bottom and a lid for it and decorated it as you can see here. It was originally thought as a template, so I could remember the foldings, but I´m sure I can find a tut somewhere again, if I can´t remember it next time LOL.

 This next one here is one I saw on Wenche Wold´s blog here:  a long time ago, and have wanted to try for a very long time too, as I thought they were sooooo gorgeous. The first one here is made exactly after her directions and just adjusted a bit in size, because my punches didn´t fit exactly as the ones she had used, and then I ofcause decorated them after my liking and what I had laying around, cause it´s all just left overs I´ve used for all of these boxes.

 The flowers on here are recycled flowers, that comes from some of these candlewreaths we used here a few yars ago, that I have pulled apart and just reused the flowers, and the bows are made from all the ribbons, that also was on these wreaths too.
 The metalcorners here on this one is some flat corners, I´ve got somewhere at some time, that I had hubby to bend, so they could fit around these corners.
 And this big crystalbutton, that is on this side of the handle, is actually one I found on the floor in the supermarket once, so I guess it´s one someone have lost from a boot or a shoe or something, but I thought it looked pretty nice and bend down and picked it up, otherwise it had just been thrown out, when they cleaned the floor LOL. And the small metal fan on the side here is one that had fell of some embellisment somewhere at some time and was in my mess up box ha ha.
 And that´s also the same for the dragonfly here on the handle, it´s also something fallen of somewhere and just saved in my mess up box.
All the papers for both these last two boxes here are all from Pion Design. They just have the most awesome paper, that I just totally love both their patterns and their colors are stunning always.
 This one I changed a bit and made with a lid like the first one and just sat the handle on the lid instead of the box, just to make it a bit different.
 And again I´ve used lots of recycled items to decorate it.  On the lid I found an old broche, that my daughter made in a club, when she was young and didn´t want to save. It was just made of some wire thread and some beads, and it fit perfect in the red pearls, so I thought it looked nice on this one.
 Here´s a closer look at it.
 And again the ribbon I used on the edges are from some old curtains and the bee is an old cellphone decoration, that was broken, that I removed all the wires and used the bees on the sides here.
 And these are some very very old gold painted plastic broches too, that I got in a box filled with all kinds of old crab from my dad once a couple of years ago, but again, there was just 2 of them and they fit perfect here.
 And the bee on the other side a bit closer up.

And here I´ve also used paper from Pion Design and all the cardstock I´ve used here todayare all Bazzil.
I hope, you´ll like, what I´ve done here and will give it a try too sometime.
Unfortunately I couldn´t just find Wenche´s blog right now, but I´ll add a link to her tutorial later, when I find it, so she can get the credit, she deserve for her part of this.
Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of great fun.
Biiiiiiiiig warm hugs til we meet again next time.


Vivi said...

Hvor er de flotte - allesammen!

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Fantastiske lækre og meget smukke æsker, super flot arbejde ;O)

Wildehilde said...

Wouwwwwww!!!!! They are so stunning Sweetie!!!!!!! Well done!!!!!! There is no Chance to choose the best of!!!!! All are wonderfull!!!!!!!
Big Hugs

Baukje Booth said...

I love all your boxes and baskets Maryann, especially the blue and beige basket, beautiful work.

Gitte said...

flot flot flot
Det er nogle skønne farver du bruge

Mette said...

Hold da op...sikke et arbejde ! Hvor er de fine ;-)
Tak for din hilsen, omkr.oversættelse af tutorial på mit minialbum. Google oversætter ikke så godt, og de har ikke ret meget forstand på papir...

marie said...

Ha Ha was on youtube looking for a tutorial to make one of these top boxes hun before I went in hospital. Wanted to make one for Kay for a bracelet I Bought for Christmas and here you are sweetie with one of the exact boxes he he and what a wonderful job you have done, especially love the red one as it reminds me of Christmas. Love your two baskets too and sure would love the template for that one again the red one looks so much like it belongs to Christmas. but everything is just gorgeous candy here for the eyes Have a lovely day hun warm hugs Marie

Claire Langan said...

Gorgeous work sweet Maryann... Love the fact that you embellished your projects with some old goodies that I know had mean something to you. Love the brooch and the bees. Hope your eyes are starting to get better.

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Maryanne, thanks for dropping to say Hi...I have not been on line much so that's why you have not seen a lot published from much going on here...

Love your boxes, they are just beautiful and so pleased to see your eyes have improved enough for you to create annie xxx

Lise said...

Tak for din kommentar på min blog. Du har ret... Vores æsker er meget forskellige men hold op hvor er dine bare flotte :)

Leslie Kisser said...

What beautiful boxes you have made Maryann! Like everything you make they are gorgeous!!!

Jen said...

These boxes are so pretty, Maryann!! You've put so much details on each of them. Glad to hear you are doing much better, my friend. And yes, better do it now, than later, when you can still enjoy and create. May you be bless my our heavenly Father today and always!!! With Love n' Blessings, Jen

morkaren said...

Hej Maryanne, tak for alle dine søde kommentareer på min blog, dejligt du også er kommet til "blogland" så vi kon se hvad du laver, de mange kurve er da super flotte, og sikke dejlige farver du har brugt. knus morkaren.

Ardilla said...

Hi, Maryann!
These boxes here are beautiful, great projects! Love the papers you've used, awesome!
I don´t know why I can´t see your updates in my reader... I just came to see what's new and found this :)
Have a great weekend!

Gitte said...

Wow hvor er de flotte.