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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A little update here on my eyesurgery and my granddaughters graduation last week.

Hello there sweet friends,
Now I just got back from the check up at my eyespecialist here, and he thanks god told me, that the surgery had been a huge succes, (which I also kind of counted with he he), so now I just had to follow the hospitals orders for one more week, then I´m finally allowed to get back to normal days here again. But it was okay to begin slowly to strain the eyes a bit more day by day, so thought I would just make an update inhere and let you all know, that everything is just sooo fine. I´m still not allowed to lift more than 1 kf, because doing more is creating pressure in the eye they say, and that´s not good, so still be careful and think, before doing anything and I also need to drip the eye for another week, but else I can begin to use it a lot more now, which is so awesome. I still have a bit of tiny grey spots flying for the eye, but that´s  something we all get with age they say, and can´t be removed, so that I just had to elarn to live with, but that ugly grey fog for the eye is all gone, and that´s just awesome. It´ll still be about 6 weeks, before the sight will be completely steady, so I should wait til then, and then go and get some new glasses, that fit the eye then, and it should be the last of this adventure and all should be completely fine. But I already feel so much better vision, than I´ve had for years now, so that´s just an extra bonus then ha ha ha.

I didn´t get to show you the pictures from my oldest granddaughters graduation, as it was the day before the surgery and as I already had to be at the hospital at 8am, I never got them up before, so here they come.

 Here we are at the school right after she graduated the last class there and her mum´s dad put the hat on her head as used here.
 And here she is, a very relieved young lady after all her hard exams and finally over it all now.
 Here it´s normal that everybody brings them a red rose, when they graduate, so here she is with all her roses, after graduation.
 And here she iswith her mum´s parents next to her and me on the side.
 And here she´s with her boyfriend, who´s just finishing his education as a chef next month too.
 And here´s her dad, also my oldest son and my husbond too.
 And here´s her mum and her grandmum on mothers side.
 And here´s her babysister Emilie and Tascha, they were more busy in the garden than inside ha ha ha.
 And here´s my daughter and son in law at the table.
 And here she alsmot looked like, she was really funding about, what now to do with her life ha ha ha.
 And here´s her little sister Anne, who was confirmated last year.
 And ofcause she should also have a cake, and it was made like the graduation hat.
 It´s getting later, so Tascha begins to get a bit tired, and then it´s always good to hang on mum´s shoulder a bit ha ha ha.
And she also had a good friend over, and here the young ones has connected in a corner.

It was a nice relaxed day, where we celebrated her all day with a cosy barbecue, but as most people were going to work again early the next morning, and I had to go to the hospital too, it wasn´t too late, and she´s having the big party for all her friends and young people this comming saturday, where we voluntered to stay home and let all the small kids come here, while they were partying , so hopefully she´ll get a great day again there, but we all sure had a nice and cosy day the day she actually did graduate, and she was sooo proud, but also had all the reason to as she went out with an averidge caracter on 10.9, where 12 is the highest possible here, so it´s really good at this level, and I´m very sure, she´ll do just great in her further life. She´ll start at the university here after the holiday, where she´ll be studying Graphic Design and computersciece.
But this is what´s been going on here the last week. Thanks sooo much for watching and all the sweet comments I´ve got inhere since I started this blog. It really means a lot to me.
Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of great fun. Next time I hope, I finally have some creative fun to share with you all. Now I´m at least allowed to do some again, so better get started then ha ha ha
Have fun  and biiiiiig hugs til next time.


aussie aNNie said...

You have a gorgeous family and love the fact you shared your

Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

WHOOHOO!!! I'm so happy to hear your eye surgery went well, my friend. It's also always great to see what the whole family is doing and these photos are wonderful.
Big hugs,

Baukje Booth said...

Thank you for sharing your family's happy event Maryann.
I have been anxiously waiting to hear how you were after your eye surgery,I'm so pleased it all went well and you are on the road to better vision.

Hilde Loch said...

Hi Sweetie
I'm so happy to hear your eye surgery went well, my sweet friend.
And my congratulations to your Granddaughters Graduation!!!! :-))
She is such a nice Lady now!!!!
Thank you for sharing your Family-fotos with nice to see the proud Parents and Grandparents.
Big Hugs

Beth Norman said...

So glad you are on the mend. I forgot that I couldn't lift after surgery. That's hard to remember, isn't it.

Your granddaughter is so very pretty. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful family photos with us.

texascraft said...

Lovely to read about your family, 2 of my grad daughters have graduated. So pleased to read also that your eyes seem to be on track to getting right so take care my dear

Gilly said...

Wonderful pictures Maryann...your grandchildren are growing so fast! I hope the eye surgery went & hugs from Gillian XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hello Maryann, so happy that your eye suergery went well. Congratulations to your grandaughter on her graduation! Glad to found you here.