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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have actually also been working a bit here the last days.

I´m sooo pleased to say, that my eye is doing really fine, and now I´m finally finished dripping it too, and can begin to get back to normal days here again. So I´ve been finishing a couple old things, I had laying around here, but I´ve actually also been making more new things here lately as well, which I thought, I would share with you.
Here first is a card, I´ve made out of lots of small leftovers from other creations in the past, that´s been mixed up to this card, so it´s basicly a bit of this and a bit of that, I´ve used for it.
 The front with some diffrent diecuts, I had laying around and some bits and pieces.
 And the back, as it most times looks like
 And from the side, as I used a different fold this time. I´ve always liked to use many different folds for my cards.
 And all opened up and what it looks like inside.
And then as many of you know, I´ve always found it fun to see what I could get out of all kinds of things, that most people just throw out, and here it´s a cheesebox, I´ve decorated to use for a giftbox and decorated both outside and inside. And a funny thing is, that exactly today Becca feeken also used the very same idea on her blog. I thought it was a bit fun, even I ofcause can´t get anything near her standard in making anything LOL, but we seems to got the same idea on the same time LOL:
 Here it is all closed.
 And here it is from the side, which I´ve decorated with some ribbon.
 And this is how the books looks like inside, after I added some papers in the bottom and decorated it inside.
 And here´s the bottom and the lid each decorated side by side.
 And this is a box, hubby got a handsfree for his cellphone in the car in. I thought, it looked pretty nice and would look great for a giftbox for something at some time, so I grabbed it and covered it in some nice paper and decorated it for later use.

But I´ve also made some new things, like this card here, again with a different fold, I´m not even sure, what´s called, but here it is all unfolded and as an easelcard in the middle.

 And here´s the easelpart laid down.
 And here the front is closed too.
 And this is how the back looks like.
 And finally all closed with the band to keep it closed on too.
 And here´s again a recycling project, as this basket is all made of recycled materials except from the paper, but all the rest is only recycled items. I made one almost like this a couple of years ago, and now my sister asked me, if I could make one for her as close as I could, as she hasd a friend, who was just crazy about it back then.
 Here´s how it looks from the ends.
 And here´s how it looks from both sides. These hearts I´ve used here are made of some tiny frames, that I´ve just filled out with glitterglu in a color that would fit.
 And another card. This time for a man and a footballplayer, so ofcause it had to be this old LaPashe sheet, that was used here. It seems the men here likes this one a lot LOL. I admit, I don´t mind to try some others now, as I think, I´ve made the footballer quite a few times now.
 And here´s the back of him in front of the stadium.
 And the sentiment inside.
 And the right side, where they can write their own words too.
 And finally I just made this box here this morning, while the girls were occupied with their own creations.I actually think, it went pretty okay for a small gift.
 From one side.
 From the backside.
And finally from the other side too.
It´s such a pleasure to be able to just sit down and do some crafting here again, and I have  soooo many things I want to do and sooo many fun ideas working around inside my head, so now I just need the days to ´have at least 48 hours each, so I can find enough time for all I want to create, now I can finally see what I´m actually doing too, so hopefully I can also get a better result now, else I´ll have to find another excuse, if I´ll have to start all over and learn everything again ha ha ha.
Thanks soooo very much for watching and a big thanks too for all the wonderful comments I´ve got on my previous postings here. Thanks sooo much for taking the time, it really means so much to me.
Have a wonderfulæ day dear friends and lots of great fune.
Biiiiiiiig hugs until we meet again next time.


marie said...

Love Love Love all this wonderful eye candy here that you have posted today hun. all these pretty boxes and baskets but I especially love the cheese box think you did a gorgeous job on here. Wonderful news about your eyes sweetie so happy for you and wonderful you can finally craft again :O) Enjoy have fun warm hugs Marie

aussie aNNie said...

Lovely selection of surprises here my are one great designer. Pleased to hear your eyes are coming good, take care my friend across the

Karina Beck said...

Hvor har du været flittig og hvor er du god til detaljer!
Rigtig god weekend.

texascraft said...

Wow you sure have been busy, great to read your eye ok and the op a success.

Helen Holmes said...

You have made some amazing things here Maryann, so clever of you. Glad you are back making crafts!
Hugs Helen H

Gitte said...

Mange flotte projekter. Skønne detaljer