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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally a bit of news from me here.

Sorry dear friend, it´s taken a lot longer to get some updates done here, than I planned, but for some reason this house has been a real nuthouse all summer, so it´s not been much, I´ve got done on the crafty side either.
As you all know, I had my eyesurgery and it also went really well, but after a little, I caught some kind of infection again again, so I had to suddenly be very very careful again, but thanks god, I got over it once again, so now I just want to forget all about that LOL. And then there´s been sooo much going on with everyone in the family, so every time I thought, that now we just had to get over this or that, something else just showed up, so it has just seemed like, it´s been going on and on forever, so I must admit, it haven´t been much at all, I´ve been online all summer. Last hubby had a shouldersurgery here last thursday, and I got him home again already the same day, so it also means more work for me ofcause, as he just can´t do anything these days, but luckily he seems to get on really well too, so hopefully it wount be too long with that either, but he has to be on sickleave for at least 10 weeks thoug. Then he has to go in for a check up and they´ll then see, if he will need more time, or he can go back to work then, depending on how good things are then, so we´ll see about that. But all there has been all summer has draggged my back way back again too, probably because I´ve been trying to do way too much, so I´ve had big problems with backpains and haven´t been sleeping very well, which ofcause also has meant, that crafting hasn´t been my first priority lately.
But ofcause it haven´t all just been bad stuff, there has definitely also been a lot of good dtimes in between, and I have got some things done, but not been able to show them for various reasons. One thing has been because I´ve been creating things for a couple of weddings, and some birthdays, like I´ve participated in a big International swap too, so I couldn´t show any of that until it had been recieved by those, who was meant to have it first ofcause. And then I´ve also been joining a birthdaygroup no 3, on the Danish forum I´m on called Scrapsisters, and there I´ve had to make a couple of cards for too, which should also be recieved before I could show the here, and finally I was soo lucky to be choosen as a guestdesigner on a Danish webstore blog too, but afgain, ofcause they need the rights to show it first too, so I´ll show it, as they come up, but there will be more to see here very soon ofcause, so I hope, you´ll all come back here the next days, as I´ll have quite a few things to share here the next days now.
But first today, I want to share the 2 wonderful Icad cards and holders, that I got from that swap, I mentioned before, so here they come:
The first one here is from Astrid at  http://astridsartisticefforts.blogspot.dcom/
She´s an absolut amazing artist, and everything she ever makes looks simply stunning. She´s such a wizard with ink and paint and makes the most amazing creations, so you should really go and pay her a visit, I know, you´ll never regret it a second, it´s truly amazing work, you´ll see there. But here´s the gorgeous card and holder, she made for me:
 This fisrst is the holder and a tag, she had made me beside the swapcard inside the holder too.
 And here´s the holder opened with the card inside it.
 And this is the front of the card/tag inside the holder.
 And the other side of the card.
 And here´s the backside of the holder too, just as beautiful as the rest.
 And the tag for me close up too.
And then here next comes the beautiful card, that I recieved from < sweet lady in the UK, who was all new to me too. Her name is Brenda, and her blog is this one:
She also makes some amazing work, and share here, so she´s definitely also worth a visit, I can asure you.
She made this gorgeous card and holder for me in the swap.
 The front of the folder here.
 And this is the back of the folder too.
 And here´s both the folder and the tag taken out of there.
 And here´s the front of the tag, she made for me.
 And here´s the backside of the tag too.
Both cards and folders are so beautiful and sooo stunning work, and unfortunately the pictures just don´t do any of them the justice, they deserve, but I hope, you can see the beauty in them anyway.

And ofcause I also had to send out two as well, even they were sent to 2 different ladies in the swap, so we didn´t recieve from the ones, we sent to, But here´s the 2 cards and folders, that I made for my partners, who was a lady in the Uk and another lady in Germany, so I just hope, they liked, what I had made for them, even I ran into more crazy problems. As you can probably see, from the ones I got, these ladies were really stamping, and inking ladies all of them, and as much as I absolutely love the look of that, I´m afraid, it´s not exactly my normal style to make, and even I really tryed my best in the same genre, I gave up and threw it all in the bin and made some others that was more like me, and also got them mailed out in good time before the swap was due, together with more birthdayscards and other different things, I had to get mailed, BUT the friday or saturday, not sure anymore of the sday, but right before I expected them to get it, I just got all my cards and parcels back in my mail for some reason, so I had to take them all back and ask, what the heck they thought they were playing at?? But ofcause the postoffice didn´t know, why I had got the entire load back, it had to be an accident, but ofcause they sent them all again, but I had to repack and rewrite all the adresses again, to make sure, there wrere nothing that could be misunderstood in any way, so now I sure hope, everyone has recieved everything they should, LOL.
But these are the cards and folders, that got such a long journey to their recipients here lately LOL:
 First cardholder open
 Backside of the card inside it
 Front of the card inside it.
 The holder with the card in it.
 Backside of the holder.
 And finally the first card wrapped up and ready to go.
 The back of the second card
 The front of the second card.
 Front of the second folder.
 Back of the second folder.
 Second folder opened.
 Second folder with the card inside
The second card wrapped and ready to go.

I hope, both ladies liked, what I eneded up making for them, and ofcause I also hope, you´ll like it too sweet friends.
This is all I´ll share with you here tonight, but come back again tomorrow, then I´ll have some more new works to share with you too.
Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of great fun, til we meet again.


Vickie Densmore (Papercrazy) said...

I'm so happy to see your beautiful works again, my friend!! Take good care of yourself while you are taking good care of hubby. :))

Joanne said...

It is lovely to see you on your blog again and sharing cards. I hope your health gets better soon, bon rétablisement mon amie.

xx Joanne

Anonymous said...

You sure do lovely work my friend thank you so much for sharing.
Hugs Shirley

Baukje Booth said...

I tried to comment last night Maryann but couldn't, so I'm happy I can now.
I love all your swaps you made and received, and I'm glad that things have settled down enough for you to start playing in your beautiful craft barn.

Ardilla said...

Happy you are back with us, Maryann.
I came many times in the last weeks and didn´t see any news about you. I am happy you all are doing better and hope you have time to craft again and share your creations with us.